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You can use the metric monitor to centrally display the development over time of selected monitoring data of your monitored systems. In the metric monitor, you can display all performance values that are selected as monitoring-relevant in the technical monitoring setup. It therefore extends Interactive Reporting, with which you can display the development over time of the performance values that SAP identified as particularly important. The performance values that are required for interactive reporting are also available to your for the metric monitor.

The Metric monitor contains various periods, from the last few hours to the last year, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are displayed in the appropriate level of detail.

Note Note

How long the values are retained, in which granularity, depends on the configuration settings of a metric.

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Metrics of the new monitoring and alerting infrastructure for which the measured value is not relevant for evaluation, but rather only the status, are also displayed appropriately in the metric monitor. In this case, a bar chart is displayed for each status (Red, Yellow, Green, and Gray; a gray status indicates that no measurement values are available for the relevant period) for the selected period. The bar chart shows the time distribution of this status.

Example Example

An example of a metric evaluated in this way is the HTTP availability of the ABAP message server. The actual value of the metric is the HTTP return code (for example 404 - not found). However, since it is not possible to meaningfully display these values in the metric monitor, the evaluation of the relevant value is displayed instead – that is available (status green) or unavailable (status red).

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Use the metric monitor when:

  • The performance data of interactive reporting is insufficient for you, because some values which are important for you are not collected.

  • You need the threshold values for warning (yellow) and problem (red), as well as the development of the values through time. This option is also available to you in the metric monitor for all of the displayed metrics, while in interactive reporting, it is only the case for selected metrics.

  • You need the option of setting the display period for monitoring data using a zoom control and a scroll bar without levels. This option exists in the metric monitor, but not in interactive reporting.

  • You have written extended the monitoring with your own metrics (for example, you have written your own Data Suppliers for the CCMS monitoring infrastructure), and you want to display the development over time of the associated performance values in the SAP Solution Manager.

  • You want to display the metrics with a resolution of minutes; this resolution is not available in interactive reporting.

All performance data is saved in the Business Warehouse (BW) system that is associated with the SAP Solution Manager. This BW is also used for all other reporting applications.

The metric monitor displays the value monitored by technical monitoring. This is usually the mean value for the period. The Monitored Value is displayed in the Directory Browser in the Metric Type Details in the Threshold Values tab.

Implementation Considerations

The setup of the metric monitor is part of the setup for technical monitoring. You do this in the SAP Solution Manager configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP).


The metric monitor is part of the technical monitoring work center in the Solution Manager; the metric monitor is also available in the System Monitoring work center.