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Function documentationRapid Content Delivery


Rapid Content Delivery tool allows you to import the latest content updates for various SAP Solution Manager functions, such as, Monitoring and Alerting, Guided Procedure, and Customer Usage Provisioning. Content updates are available in the form of Support Packages (content package) in SAP Service Marketplace. Each content package contains the latest content updates for various Solution Manager functions. Before you import contents into the solution, you must download them.

You can configure Rapid Content Delivery to automate the download process. If you maintain automatic download settings in SAP Solution Manager Configuration, the Rapid Content Delivery tool checks for the latest content updates in SAP Service Marketplace, and initiates the download process automatically through a weekly background job. If you do not maintain the auto-download settings, you can still download them manually with the manual download option in the tool.


  • You have authorization to access the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center.

  • You have authorization to access the Rapid Content Delivery tool.


  • A standard channel to import content packages.

  • Provides both manual and automatic download options to import content packages.


Configure Rapid Content Delivery to download content packages automatically.

More information: Configuring Rapid Content Delivery

Import content packages.

More Information: Importing Content Packages Using Rapid Content Delivery