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Procedure documentationCleaning-Up Inconsistent Logical Components


Upgrading a product system can change the active product version. If you have assigned technical systems from such a product system to a logical component, the product versions of the logical component and the technical systems will no longer match after the upgrade, so the logical component is inconsistent.

Recommendation Recommendation

Adjust the product version of a logical component only after you have upgraded all technical systems and product systems that belong to the logical component.

End of the recommendation.


Choose Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers Next navigation step Solution Manager Administration Next navigation step Landscape End of the navigation path Logical Components.

You can also start transaction LMDB directly and choose a logical component on the Logical Components tab.

Case A: The product versions of product system and logical component do not match.

There are the following possibilities:

  • The product system is being upgraded: Ignore the inconsistency until the upgrade is completed, then resolve it.

  • The product system is not being upgraded: To resolve the inconsistency, change the product version of the product system to match the product version of the logical component in which you use systems of this group.

Case B: The logical component is internally inconsistent

A logical component can be inconsistent if not all product instances exist in all product versions.

Example Example

The product instance E-Selling for the product SAP CRM only exists in the product version SAP CRM 4.0. If a logical component contains the product instance E-Selling with a product version other than SAP CRM 4.0 (such as SAP CRM 3.0), this logical component is inconsistent.

End of the example.

Existing product instances have the Product Instance Exists flag in the product version input help.

Use a different logical component, with a product instance that exists in this product version:

  1. Create a logical component.

  2. Choose an existing product instance for this logical component.

  3. To see which system groups of projects and solutions use the logical component, generate a where-used list for the old, inconsistent logical component.

  4. To replace the old logical component with the new one in these system groups, choose Replace Logical Component.

    The system shows a warning message if the logical component is used in a solution for which business process monitoring is active. You must deactivate it before you can change the logical component. Proceed as follows:

    1. In the Business Process Operations work center, choose Start of the navigation path Common Tasks Next navigation step Setup Business Process Monitoring End of the navigation path.

    2. Select your solution, expand the Logical Components subnode, select the solution that you want to replace.

    3. In the Monitoring Objects list on the right-hand side, select all monitoring objects and choose Deactivate.

  5. Delete all systems from the old, inconsistent logical component.

    The old logical component is no longer used. In the overview, the inconsistency flag (exclamation mark) disappears.

  6. When you have deactivated Business Process Monitoring and replaced the logical component, go back to Business Process Monitoring Setup, navigate to the monitoring object list of the new logical component, and re-activate the monitoring objects.