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Object documentationDashboard for End User Experience Reporting


A dashboard is available for End User Experience Monitoring (EEMon), to give you a quick overview of the performance and availability of your technical systems. The dashboard consists of graphics, dashboard apps. When you call the dashboard, all apps are displayed. This shows you the EEMon scenarios for which performance or availability does not meet your requirements, because the values are rated Green, Yellow or Red according to threshold values within the apps (see End User Experience Reporting App).

Note Note

The role SAP_SM_DASHBOARDS_DISP_EEM contains authorization to call the dashboard. To be able to call the End User Experience Reporting dashboard, the authorization object Solution Manager Dashboard Instance (technical name SM_DSBINST) in the Dashboard Authorization Group must have the value EEM.

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By default, a dashboard app is displayed for each EEMon scenario. To display the app full-screen, click on it.


You can call the EEMon Dashboard from the Technical Monitoring work center under End User Experience Monitoring by choosing SLA Reports. You can display this function in the work center itself (Embedded) or in a (New Window).


The EEMon Dashboard does not require any separate configuration; once you have set up EEMon and Interactive Reporting, a dashboard app for each EEM scenario is available to you, and is provided with the required data.