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Function documentationTask Lists in Quality Gate Management


When you set up a QGM project, the system automatically creates a task list which is used to handle all transport-related operations for QGM. The task list is part of the scheduling tool. It is used by IT operators and system administrators.

The QGM task lists correspond to the task lists for Change Request Management, with the following differences:

  • The Status and Phase pushbuttons are not available as you perform the related tasks in the QGM UI.

  • All tasks in the task list are unlocked by default.

  • The task list contains only tasks that are relevant for QGM. That is, the scope is restricted.


  • QGM and Change Request Management task lists have a one-to-one mapping relationship with the project cycle. When a cycle is switched, the old task list is closed and a new task list mapping to the new cycle is generated.

  • You can call up the QGM task list using transaction SCMA.

  • For each change, the corresponding task list is displayed on the Changes tab.

  • In the QGM task lists, you can only display tasks. You can execute them using the QGM UI.

  • You can lock a task in the task list, to prevent the action from being carried out in the QGM UI.

  • You can display the tasks performed in the task list, in the QGM application log.

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