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Procedure documentationFinding the Root Cause of Problems in Jobs


  1. To find the root cause for the critical or error status of a job, in the BI Overview – <scenario> tab page, click the Open Job Monitor traffic light.

  2. On the BO Job Monitor – <scenario> tab page, analyze the start time, out of time, duration, and status of the jobs.

    If the status is not green, alerts are raised for the job.

  3. To view more details and troubleshoot issues, choose Expert Mode.

  4. To further analyze the status using local monitors, do the following:

    1. Select the job, which is in critical or error status.

    2. Choose Start of the navigation path Navigate to Next navigation step <local monitor> End of the navigation path.

    3. Analyze the status of the job.

  5. To view the alerts raised for the system, go to the Alert Inbox.

  6. To notify a user about the status of the job, send a notification.

  7. To request support to change the status, create a message.

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