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Function documentationAgent Framework


The agent framework manages diagnostics agents installed in all managed systemen, centrally. You can do the following:

  • Check or change the connection status of diagnostics agents. If, for example, end user experience monitoring indicates the the data for a particular location is not being displayed, you can check that the diagnostics agent of its host is connected to the SAP Solution Manager.

  • If there are problems, you can specify an alternative diagnostics agent to collect data for a technical component.


You have configured diagnostics agents in the managed systems and registered them in the monitoring system. For further information, see published on SAP site Start of the navigation path Installation & Upgarde Guides Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step <current version> End of the navigation path.


  • The Status tab shows the status of the diagnostics agents, and the use cases for which they collect data, e.g. root cause analysis or end user experience monitoring. You can recognize whether a diagnostics agent is connected to SAP Solution Manager or is offline.

    You have the following options:

    • To manage the SAP system centrally, start the SAP Management Console. More information: SAP Management Console.

    • To display log files and connect diagnostics agents to SAP Solution Manager, start the agent management. For further information, see Agent Management.


  • If there are problems, you can specify an alternative diagnostics agent to collect data for a technical component, in the Configuration tab. Problems occur when the diagnostics agent which is assigned to this technical component by default, is not available. The technical component is shown in the Role column.

    If you change the assignment, the currently-assigned diagnostics agent is deassigned, and the newly-assigned diagnostics agent automatically gets a new configuration.

    For further information, see Specify Alternative Diagnostics Agent

  • In the Performance tab, SAP Support can show how long various data collectors of a diagnostics agent need, to collect data records, throughout a specified period.

  • In the Exceptions tab, you can access a graphical interface to the application log (transaction SLG1). A problem overview is displayed. To show error messages, select the problem.