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Procedure documentationManually Changing the Rating of Structure Objects


You can update or create Solution Manager projects, based on an analysis, in the Solution Documentation Assistant. To make sure that a Solution Manager project has been correctly updated or created as you intended, you can manually alter the results of an analysis.

Example Example

The structure object is a business process. The analysis by the Solution Documentation Assistant shows that this business process is probably not actively used. However, you know, from the system, that this business process is active. You therefore alter the rating manually.

End of the example.


You have called the results overview for an analysis.


  1. Choose the Structure tab on the Analysis Results tab.

  2. Choose Change Rating.

    The Change Rating dialog box shows the tree structure of the analysis. The rating indicators in the Automatic Rating column show the result of the analysis. The table entries in the Manual Rating column show manual ratings that have already been recorded for the structure object.

  3. In the Manual Rating column, choose the rating for the structure object in question.

  4. Choose Update.

    You return to the results overview of the analysis.


The rating indicator for the structure object in the analysis tree structure shows the altered rating.

Note Note

To see whether a rating was created by the analysis or changed manually in the tree structure of the analysis, move the mouse pointer over the structure object in question. The quick info for the structure object shows how the rating was created.

End of the note.

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