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  Copy Customizing


You copy the Customizing settings for alerts from a system or system component to another system or system component.


  1. Select the Copy Customizing check.

  2. Choose the component for which you want to copy the alert settings in the Context column.

  3. Choose the system/system component that you want to copy as Source.

  4. Choose the system/system component to which you want to copy as Destination.

  5. Choose Expand Systems to copy systems with components. The system fills the relevant fields automatically.

    Note Note

    You can only copy Customizing settings when the Source and Destination system/system components have the same database type.

    End of the note.
  6. To copy threshold values, set the indicator in the Thresholds column.

  7. To set the threshold values individually for each alert in the target system, select the indicator in the TID-Specific column.

    Note Note

    In the local CCMS of the managed systems, alerts are collected into attribute groups, for example, alerts with the same threshold values. If you change the threshold values of an alert in an attribute group, for example, the system changes the threshold values of all alerts in the group. If you want to change the threshold value only for one alert in this attribute group, select the TID-Specific indicator.

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  8. Choose Copy .

    Note Note

    If inconsistencies occur, the system issues an error message. You can resolve the errors manually or choose Correct Inconsistencies for an automatic correction.

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  9. To save your entries, choose Save + Next Open Check .

    The next unprocessed check then appears.