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Procedure documentationManaging Templates


You use this procedure to maintain templates for work modes. Templates reuse information and save time.


  1. Go to the Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose Work Mode Management.

  3. In the Type Selection area, select a component type.

  4. Select a component.

  5. Choose Work Mode Management.

  6. Display the work modes, embedded or in a new window.

  7. On the Work Mode Management - <component name> tab page, click Template Administration.

  8. In the Templates for Work Modes window, perform one of the following:

Creating a Template
  1. Choose one of the following type of templates:

    • To create a template for a single work mode, choose Create Single Template.

    • To create a template for a recurring work mode, choose Create Recurring Template.

  2. Select the work mode type.

  3. In the Maintain Template for Work Mode screen area, enter the required data.

  4. On the Description tab page, enter the purpose of the work mode.

    You can upload documents to support your description.

  5. If you are planning a periodic work mode, on the Scheduling tab page, plan the occurrence of the work mode.

  6. If you are creating a template for planned downtime or maintenance mode, perform the following substeps:

    • On the Notifications tab page, set the recipients.

    • On the CCMS Monitoring Settings tab page, set the monitoring level.

Copying a Template
  1. Select the source template.

  2. Choose Copy.

  3. In the Copy Template <template name> window, copy the required data to a new template.