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Function documentationSubstitution


As an end user or processor, you can assign substitutes as follows:

  • Assign a colleague as your substitute, for example, when you are on vacation or on a business trip.

  • Assign yourself as a substitute for one or more colleagues, for example, when they are on sick leave.

On the Home screen, in the My Messages screen area, the substitute can see all the messages (incidents, service requests, requests for change, and change documents) for the colleagues that they substitute. For example, messages assigned to, or reported by, the colleagues are displayed.


  • You are authorized to assign substitutes.

  • You and your substitutes belong to the same organizational unit.

  • For Change Request Management, the following additional prerequisites apply:

    • You have activated the enhanced approval procedure functions in Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Change Request Management Next navigation step Transactions Next navigation step Approvals Next navigation step Activate Enhanced Approval Procedure Functions End of the navigation path.

    • You are authorized to approve and reject approval steps.

  • You have taken SAP Note 1256661Information published on SAP site into account.


  • Manage substitutes from the My Messages screen area.

  • In requests for change, you can assign substitutes by choosing Start of the navigation path More Next navigation step Manage Substitutes End of the navigation path.

  • Display and edit messages for the substitutes.

  • The substitution relationships are also displayed in the Employee screen, Relationships assignment block. The Replaces relationship shows the business partners that the substitute replaces. Is Replaced By shows the business partners of the substitutes.

  • In Change Request Management, you can approve requests for change in which you substitute business partners who have been assigned to approval steps.


  • Assign a business partner.

  • Specify the substitution period.

  • Deassign a substitute.

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