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Procedure documentationAdministering Users in the SAP Solution Manager System


On the SAP Solution Manager System tab page, you perform administration tasks for standard users in your SAP Solution Manager system.


  • The standard users are configured in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.


Updating Users

The table displays the standard users created as part of SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

The Update Needed column indicates that SAP has delivered a new version of a user with new authorizations for one or more of the recommended user roles. You need to update the corresponding roles so that they contain the required authorization objects.

  1. Select the user you want to update.

    The lower screen area displays the details of the selected user.

  2. Select the action Update Existing User.

    The Needed Roles screen area displays the recommended roles for the user.

  3. For each role, select one of the actions in the Action Taken column.

  4. Choose Execute to perform the selected actions.

Note Note

SAP only delivers template roles. If your user definitions and processes are different, you need to adapt the users and user roles accordingly. To adapt the roles, choose the link to start Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG).

End of the note.
Updating Multiple Users Simultaneously

To update multiple users at the same time, proceed as follows:

  1. To select more than one user, hold the CTRL key while selecting each user.

  2. Choose Mass Update.

    All of the selected users are updated.

Note Note

Depending on the number of users you select, this process can take a long time. A progress bar indicates the estimated progress.

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Creating Users

You can create new users in your SAP Solution Manager system.

  1. Select the action Create New User.

  2. In the Needed Roles screen area, select the relevant actions for each of the roles.

  3. Choose Execute to perform the selected actions.

Assigning User Groups

While creating or updating users, you can also create and assign user groups.

To assign the user to an existing user group, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the Edit User Group pen icon.

  2. In the User Group field, enter the name of the user group to which you want to assign the user.

To assign the user to a new user group, choose Create User Group to start Maintain User Groups (transaction SUGR).