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Function documentationFilling Out the Template Files


You can fill out the template files with a text editor or spreadsheet program of your choice. Note that tabs are used as separators. Also note that all the field contents were transferred as characters. This means that the columns must be interpreted as text when you open the file in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel). Otherwise, leading zeros could be lost or GUIDs transferred incorrectly.

The data is uploaded in the project language, that is, all texts are saved under the same language key. Fill out the texts in the files accordingly.

Comment lines are provided for including notes that do not affect the upload. You can recognize these comment lines by the * in the first column. The asterisk can be followed by any text. Lines marked in this way are ignored during the upload.

Sample Data

To help you fill in your information, the file contains an example of how the entries should look. These sample rows are identified as comments.

Technical Information

Various technical information is required to upload the file and assign the data correctly. This includes the project, type of data, file version, and the technical column headings. The information is already contained in the file and must not be changed or deleted.

Input Area

The technical information is followed by the column heading row with the texts in the respective language. The information should be entered after this.

Structure attributes and tab page contents are assigned to the structure elements already entered in the input area (technical name NODE_ID). If you want to make multiple assignments, copy the row as often as required so that each assignment can be entered in a separate row that contains the correct structure element ID. Note that this area must be sorted according to the structure element IDs so that the assignments are uploaded correctly.