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Procedure documentationCreating EEMon Scripts and Distributing Them on Robots


Use the EEMon script editor to create EEMon scripts simulating business processes, and distribute them on the EEMon robots.


  1. Create an EEMon script which simulates a business process and upload it into the SAP Solution Manager EEMon administrator script repository.

    For more information about the EEMon script editor, see the End User Experience Monitoring Script Editor documentation on SAP Service Marketplace under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Knowledge Transfer Next navigation step How-To Documents End of the navigation path.

  2. Start the EEMon setup again in the SAP Solution Manager: Configuration work center.

  3. In the Script Management step, create a technical scenario, assign the EEMon script to the technical scenario, and upload the EEMon script to one or more EEMon robots.

    A technical scenario defines the technical systems on which a business process is executed. You create a technical scenario in order to assign it the EEMon script that simulates the business process, or parts of it, on the technical systems of the respective scenario.