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Procedure documentationManaging RFC Connections for Application Server ABAP


RFC connections can be required for the following activities in SAP Solution Manager:

  • Generating project IMGs in the Project Administration

  • Accessing managed systems in the configuration phase

  • Customizing synchronization (Synchronization Group Editor, Customizing Scout, Customizing Distribution)

  • Reading system data via the Service Data Control Center

  • Managing business function sets and business functions in the Switch Framework Cockpit

  • Monitoring change requests (Change Request Management)

  • Monitoring and Alerting

RFC connections are used to connect to Application Server (AS) ABAP technical systems, to read system information that is not provided by the System Landscape Directory (SLD), for example details of system licenses and, if the AS ABAP is the domain controller for a Transport Management System (TMS), details of the transport landscape.


  • You are authorized to logon to the target systems and create a user in them. You are also authorized to create RFC connections of type Trusted System Connection, in the local and target systems, if required.

    For more information about the authorization objects and profiles required, see Authorization Concept for SAP Solution Manager in the Security Guide SAP Solution Manager at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Release 7.1 Next navigation step Operations End of the navigation path

  • The managed systems are reachable.

  • The message servers are reachable under the name and system number specified for the technical system.


You can access the RFC maintenance UI from the following locations:

  • Start SAP Solution Manager: Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) and choose Start of the navigation path Managed Systems Configuration Next navigation step Technical Systems End of the navigation path.

    Select a system and choose Configure System. Follow the guided activity, in which the RFC connection is configured under Connect Managed Systems

  • Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SM_WORKCENTER) and choose Start of the navigation path Solution Manager Administration Next navigation step Landscape Next navigation step Technical Systems End of the navigation path.

    Select a system and choose RFC Connections.

  • Access the editor for technical systems in transaction LMDB and choose Start of the navigation path Destinations Next navigation step RFC Maintenance End of the navigation path.

For more information, see the Help text in the RFC maintenance UI and Using and Configuring the SAProuter.