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The Security Details app shows whether selected systems are compliant with the software, configuration, and user settings defined in the target system. It provides a quick overview of the number and percentage of systems in each category that are compliant, noncompliant, and undefined.

This app is designed to use the target system template 0SEC_NEW, which contains the relevant configuration stores and values for validating these categories.


This app shows the selected systems and their validation for the detail categories software, configuration and users. For more information on the validation categories, see Dashboard for Security.

  • Software: Indicates whether your systems are compliant with respect to the security of the software involved.

  • Configuration: Indicates whether your systems are compliant with respect to the security of the configuration settings involved.

  • User: Indicates whether users have the correct authorization profiles, complying with security requirements.

  • Earliest timestamp: Timestamp of the configuration store with the oldest data. (The timestamp of a configuration store indicates when it was last collected.) If no data is displayed, it means that at least one configuration store did not deliver such a timestamp, or that a configuration store was empty. For more information about configuration stores, see Configuration and Change Database (CCDB).

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From the Security Details app, you can drill down to configuration validation reporting for the selected systems. Right-click on the app, and then choose Launch Configuration Validation Report.

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