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Function documentationBusiness Process Change Analyzer


Changes to the system, for example, Support Packages, customer developments or add-on installations can affect different business processes. Business Process (BP) Change Analyzer compares the objects in a transport to the objects in the TBOMs of the target system. The Business Process Change Analyzer can get an object list for business functions, as well as objects in transports, and compare this object list with the objects in TBOMs. Since every TBOM is assigned to an executable entity in a scenario, business process or process step, you can determine which parts of a Business Process Hierarchy are affected by the change.

You can use the test cases contained in the Business Process Hierarchy to create test plans that are tailored to the relevant changes. You can check scheduled changes as well as changes that have already been made.


You check the effects of changes on business processes after you have created a project structure or solution structure in the context of creating the Business Blueprint.


You have configured the business processes completely and created a TBOM for every relevant process step.


With the Business Process Change Analyzer, you can:

  • Analyze which parts of a business process are affected by the specified change.

  • Analyze which parts of a business process are affected by the planned activation of a business function

  • Save filters for business processes and changes as a variant.

  • Specify a start time for the analysis.

  • Remove scheduled analyses.

  • Rate analysis results.

  • You can optimize the test scope of an analysis result.

  • Create test plans from the analysis results.