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Function documentationMDM Administration Cockpit


The MDM Administration Cockpit provides a subset of the SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) administration functions. All the SAP NetWeaver MDM administration functions are in the MDM console.

The MDM Administration Cockpit is available from SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1.


You have made the following settings:

  • Solution Manager system

    • You have installed MDM ABAP API.

    • System Landscape (transaction SMSY)

      You have entered the MDM systems and instances.

    • Authorization assignment

      You have assigned the users in the Solution Manager system the role with the required authorizations.

    • Activation of service mdm_admin_cockpit

      You have performed the customizing activity Activate Solution Manager Services in des SAP Solution Manager customizing, under Start of the navigation path Configuration → Basic Settings → Solution Manager → HTTP Services → Activate Solution Manager Services End of the navigation path.

  • MDM Repositories

    You have assigned the same MDM user to each repository. The user names must be the same in SAP NetWeaver MDM and in the Solution Manager system. You have assigned a role to this MDM user with at least its authorizations in the Solution Manager system.

  • MDM Auxiliary Server

    You have, created an operating system user with a password in each host in which the MDM auxiliary servers run. You have assigned this operating system user to a user group which gives him authorization to start and stop the servers.

  • MDM Server

    • You have created an operating system user with a password in the host in which the MDM server runs. You have assigned this operating system user to a user group which gives him authorization to start and stop the MDM server.

    • You have set up a trusted connection between the host on which the MDM server is running and the SAP Solution Manager system (or system group for SAP Solution Manager) on which the MDM ABAP API is installed.

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The interface has the following structure:

  • Message output

    The system shows the short text of a message, and a link to the long text, if there is one. This area is always shown, even when no message is output. If required, results and error messages for asynchronous functions are displayed at the top of the message output. These results and error messages are displayed until a new function is started or a different MDM component selected.

  • System selection

    The input help contains the systems in the system landscape (transaction SMSY). The MDM Administration Cockpit is only available for the following systems: MDM systems or SAP systems with MDM components (e.g. SRM system).

    Select the system in which you want to perform administrative tasks for the MDM components. When you start the MDM Administration Cockpit, the value of the cockpit parameter SYSTEM_NAME is in this field. Changing the system in the input field does not change the value in the URL.

    When you refresh the Web Dynpro display after a system downtime, the desired system must be assigned to the URL parameter SYSTEM_NAME (manually, if necessary).

  • MDM components

    The following types of MDM components are listed for the selected system, if they are in the MDM system:

    • MDM Server

    • MDM Import Server

    • MDM Syndication Server

    • MDM Layout Server

    • MDM Repository

    A selected system can have one or more MDM server, no or several MDM import servers, MDM syndication servers or MDM layout servers. An MDM server can have no or several MDM repositories.

    The list shows information about the components. Further detailed information about a selected component is shown in a tab.

    MDM components have the following status information:

    • MDM servers (all server types)

      • Red traffic light: Server prepared but not started

      • Green traffic light: Server prepared and started

    • MDM Repository

      • Red traffic light: Repository prepared but not loaded

      • Green traffic light: Repository prepared and loaded

  • Component detail

    The system shows detailed information abiut the selected MDM component. Information is only shown when a component is selected.

    If the system registers a status change when selecting a component or performing a function, the status of the component changes, and functions which are not available are not highlighted. The functions for a selected component are grayed out until the function that was started has ended.

    If the system registers a status change when selecting an MDM server, the component list is updated automatically. Once the component list has been updated, the first element in the list is selected automatically. To update the data for a selected component, choose Refresh. This updates both the status of the component and the function last started, along with its attributes.

  • MDM Tools (Useful Links)

    Tools for further analyses and functions for MDM components.

Standard functions

The MDM components area was realized with the Power List Framework. So the standard functions are available here.

Further information: SAP List Viewer for Web Dynpro

MDM-specific functions

You perform the administration functions either for an MDM server, MDM import server, MDM syndication server, MDM layout server or an MDM repository. Depending on the current type, status, selected components and user authorization, the system shows the possible functions as available (highlighted) or unavailable (not highlighted).

The following functions are available for the selected object in the MDM component area:

  • Start server

  • Stop server

  • Load repository (immediately)

  • Check repository

  • Archive repository

The following functions are available under Other Repository Actions:

  • Unload repository (immediately)

  • Load repository, update indexes

  • Check repository, repair

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Perform functions

To perform an MDM-specific function, select the row of the component and choose the function. All functions run asynchronously. There may be a delay before server functions are started.

You can select other components and perform functions on them, during asynchronous processing of a function. You obtain the status of the asynchronously started function by selecting the component again or by choosing Refresh for a selected component. Refreshing the component list updates all functions that were started asynchronously.

Call application

You call the MDM Administration Cockpit from the System Administration Work Center, under Administration Tools. When you select an MDM system or an SAP system with MDM components, there is a link to the MDM Administration Cockpit in the detailed information in the Main Instances tab.

Further information: Using the Work Center