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Object documentationDashboard for Test Management


The App for Test Plan Progress displayed in the Dashboard for Test Management provides an overview of the test progress of test plans that are currently being executed.


The data presented tell you whether the test execution is on track, compared to the schedule. To do so, the system estimates the number of test cases processed in comparison to the total planned testing time.

You can specify which test plans are to be included in the Dashboard.

To use the Dashboard as a standalone Web-based application, you can, for example, include it as a shortcut on your desktop.

  • A pie chart shows the aggregated overview of all Test Plans in the dashboard

  • A bar chart shows the detailed view for each test plan

  • A slide bar allows you to adjust the number of test plans for which the data in the dashboard bar chart is displayed

To start the Dashboard for Test Management, do the following:

  1. Choose the Test Management work center.

  2. Under Start of the navigation path Reports Next navigation step Dashboards Next navigation step Test Management Dashboard End of the navigation path, choose the Chart symbol.