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Function documentationSystem, Database, and Host Monitoring Using Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure


System Monitoring monitors the status of the systems, hosts, and databases in the SAP Solution Manager system landscape.


  • The managed systems are in the SAP Solution Manager system landscape, in Landscape Management Database (LMDB).

    Note Note

    Add the system types not supported by LMDB to SMSY. Migrate and synchronize SMSY with LMDB. If you add managed systems to LMDB, it can take several hours for SMSY to fetch the details of these managed systems from LMDB. This depends on the landscape fetch background job, which you configure in SOLMAN_SETUP.

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  • You have configured Technical Monitoring using the transaction SOLMAN_SETUP.


You can:

  • Monitor the status using System Monitoring widget, without going to the Technical Monitoring work center.

  • View and analyze the status of metrics and events, in detail.

  • Analyze alerts raised for a managed object, in the Alert Inbox.

  • View details of managed objects by going to the Landscape Browser.

  • Perform detailed analysis using Problem Analysis.


  1. If you want to monitor the status of landscape using System Monitoring widget, set up the System Monitoring widget.

    For more information, see Set up System Monitoring Widget

  2. To view the health of the landscape, monitor the following: