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The Security apps are based on SAP Solution Manager Configuration Validation, which helps to identify systems that are not compliant with respect to selected configuration items. If the security data in your system is not compliant, the system administrator has to update the noncompliant systems and repeat the configuration validation. For more information, see Configuration Validation.


You can use the Security dashboard to get an overview of the compliance of your production systems with regard to certain security-specific settings. The following categories are used:

  • Noncompliant (NC, in red): A system is rated noncompliant if any one of the validated configuration items (for example, software level, setting, parameter, or service) is rated noncompliant.

  • Compliant (C, in green): A system is rated compliant if all validated configuration items are rated compliant.

  • Undefined (U, in gray): This means that no noncompliant items are found, but that not all items are rated compliant.

The Security dashboard contains the following apps:

  • Security Overview app: Shows the number and percentage of noncompliant, compliant, and undefined systems.

  • Security Details app: Validates the systems for the software, configuration, and user categories and builds the sum of these categories.

  • Security List app: Displays the systems involved, by extended SID, with the validation results displayed for the software, configuration, and user categories.

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You can drill down to detailed configuration validation reports from all three of these apps.

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The Security Details and Security List apps are designed to use the target system template 0SEC_NEW. It contains configuration items, operators, and values from SAP Best Practices and general recommendations for validating the software, configuration, and user categories. You can select the template directly, or you can create and use a target system based on this template. Any configuration stores that you add to the target system will only be validated if they use the security app queries.

For the Security Overview app, you can choose any target system.

For more information about target systems, see Creating a Target System.

You can add apps to the dashboard or change their order or data source. For more information, see Configuring Security Apps.