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  Displaying Alerts


You want to see the current status of your systems.You want display all open, i.e. not yet handled alerts.


You have set up system monitoring for your solution landscape.

You may have changed the sequence of the alert values for your solution, which determines how alert values are passed on to higher-level objects.To do this, call the Business Process Operations work center and choose the Rating Hierarchy function under Common Tasks


Call the System Monitoring work center with the System Status view and navigate to your solution.

You go to the overview of the system monitoring and system administration alert services.This view shows you the current status of your systems and components.




SW Status

Software alert status

HW Status

Hardware alert status

BP Status

Business process alert status

You can go to alert handling.

System monitoring

The symbols show you the status of the system monitoring alerts.You can:

Navigate directly to the managed system

Select the relevant checkbox with the right mouse button.

Choose Logon to System <nn>.

The system navigates to the relevant managed system.

Display Alerts

Choose Display Alerts .

You are in the view of the selected current alert.This view shows you the current status of your systems and components.

You can see the alerts in your systems and system components in two ways:

You can see all alerts in the system by choosing the associated symbol in front of one of its components.You can go from here to the alerts of the system components.

If you choose the link of a component directly, you go to the graphical view of the system details of the component, and can navigate further from here.

The alert display in SAP Solution Manager is the same as the CCMS alert monitoring in your managed systems.The most critical alert for all elements of a node is displayed.If, for example, one or more components of a system have red alerts, the system has a red icon.

Choose Open Alerts .

This view shows all not yet handled alerts and when they occurred.

The color is that of the most critical alert that has not yet been handled.This display does not necessarily reflect the current status of the system.

If you can go to the alert to be handled, you go to the maintained analysis method of the alerts in the system.

System administration

The symbols show you the status of any open system administration tasks .


You can see and monitor the current status of your systems.You can analyze the not yet handled alerts, and handle or reset them.