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Procedure documentationProcessing Damaged Test Case Support Messages As a Reporter


As a reporter (tester or test coordinator), you have created a damaged test case support message and want to

  • Check whether a damaged test case has already been repaired by the test engineer

  • Check whether a failed test case can be executed

  • Confirm a repaired test case



  1. Choose Tester Worklist.

    If the number in the Error column is greater than 0, the test package contains test case errors.

  2. Select a test package.

  3. Select the damaged test case.

  4. You have the following options:

    • To check the status of application errors, choose the Error Messages tab page.

    • To check the status of support messages concerning damaged test cases, choose the Damaged Test Case Messages tab page.

      To display the support message details and change the status, choose the support message ID.