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Procedure documentationRunning a CBTA Test Script in Debug Mode


If a CBTA test script fails, you can execute the components (test steps) one at a time. Component-Based Test Automation provides a graphical overview of the test (steps) and displays the corresponding UI components.

The CBTA debugger allows you to debug a test at component level, without seeing the Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) code, so you see the actual state of the tested application UI, and input and output parameter values.

Note Note

To examine the code, you can use the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger. Do the following

  1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Attach to Process End of the navigation path.

  2. Next to the Attach To drop down list, click Select and choose Script.

End of the note.


  1. In the Test Repository, select a CBTA test script, and choose Execute.

    You go to the Start Options screen.

  2. On the UI Control tab page, in the Mode for External Tool field, select Debug Mode.

  3. Choose Execute.

    The CBTA debugger starts. A graphical overview of the test steps is displayed.

  4. Choose Run.

    The test script steps are executed while the corresponding UI components are displayed.

  5. You have the following options:

    • To insert breakpoints, choose the Toggle Breakpoint button.

      The following shortcuts are available:

      • Toggle Breakpoints: F4

      • Run: F5, F8

      • Skip a component: F6, F10

    • To change parameter values dynamically, double-click them in the table.

    • To examine the code, choose the Start External Debugger pushbutton.

    • To identify errors (on request by the SAP support, for example), display the CBTA logs:

      1. Under MS Windows, choose Start of the navigation path Start Next navigation step All Programs Next navigation step CBTA Next navigation step CBTA Configuration End of the navigation path.

      2. On the Log tab page, choose View Log.

More Information

For more information, see “CBTA 3.0 SP02 – Debugger” ( published on SAP site) on SAP Service Marketplace at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Media Library Next navigation step Test Management End of the navigation path.