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Procedure documentationCreating a Guided Procedure


Use a guided procedure (GP) to create an empty GP, to edit it later.


You are in the Guided Procedure screen. For more information, see Accessing the Guided Procedure Browser.


  1. Choose Create.

    A Guided Procedure is started.

  2. In the Choose step, do the following:

    1. To create a new GP, enter a meaningful name and description for the activity supported by the guided procedure, and choose Next.

      The title is the name of the tab page of the guided procedure. The description is a tooltip when the user positions the mouse on the tab page.

    2. Enter the number of initial steps (minimum 2).

    3. Optional. Copy or reference an existing GP (these options depend on the settings of the application area).

  3. In the Transport step, do the following:

    1. Select a package for the help text you wish to create using GPA.

    2. Specify whether the GP is to be transported to a production system or is local.

      Note Note

      The transport route to which the GP is transported is defined by the package, as the package’s transport route is the GP transport request route. If you transport the GP to the production system, it is added to the transport to a production system defined by the transport route of the selected documentation package.

      End of the note.
    3. Specify a workbench request.

      Depending on your authorization, you can either select an existing local request (only if it does not already contain a GP) or create a new local transport request by entering a description.

    4. Choose Next.

  4. Optional: In the Search Values step, add or change search values for your GP. The attributes displayed depend on the application area.

  5. In the Review step, to create the steps of your GP, choose Create.

    You go to the Guided Procedure Maintenance screen.

  6. Edit the GP.

    To save the GP, add at least one activity.

    For more information, see Editing and Activating a Guided Procedure.