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Function documentationCalculation of Configuration Status


To have an up-to-date overview of the configuration status of SAP Solution Manager, the system provides status information on different levels:

  • Status of individual activities is displayed in the Status column. For further information, the log area provides detailed information on each activity performed.

  • Status of step or substep is calculated based on the activities belonging to the step. The status of a step or substep is displayed in the roadmap area.

    Note Note

    In some cases, the step status may not be displayed in the roadmap. In general, the status is not shown for steps and substeps for which displaying the status does not make sense for a configuration, such as for the scope selection in some scenarios.

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Status Information

The following statuses are available:

  • Grey: Activity Not Yet Performed

  • Green: Activity Performed

    Activity has been performed successfully.

  • Yellow: Activity Warnings

    Activity performed with non-system-critical errors. Analyze the log to decide how to proceed.

  • Red: Activity Errors

    Activity performed with errors. You have to analyze and fix the errors with help of the information from the log or the support. You have to re-execute the activity.

Note Note

On step level, a yellow status symbol with an exclamation point can appear. This symbol indicates that activities have to be re-executed due to changes to the system. If you display the step, the activities affected are marked in the Updates Needed column.

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Status Calculation of Mandatory and Optional Activities

The statuses of mandatory and optional activities have different impacts on the status calculation of the corresponding step:

  • The status of mandatory activities affects the status calculation of the step.

  • The status of optional activities does not affect the status calculation of the step.