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Procedure documentationViewing Events


You use this procedure to view events such as work modes, operational tasks, change documents, quality gate management phases planned for technical components using applications such as Work Mode Management, IT Task Planning, Change Request Management, and Quality Gate Management.


  1. Navigate to the Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose IT Calendar.

  3. In the Type Selection screen area, select a component type.

  4. In the Detailed Selection screen area, select the query.

    Group components in queries for faster access.

  5. To view the events planned for components, select the components.

  6. Choose IT Calendar.

  7. Open the calendar, embedded or in a new window.

  8. In the IT Calendar, set the time zone.

  9. To view the events for a period, in the calendar, select the period.

    The events planned for the component are displayed in the calendar.

  10. To view the events scheduled for lower-level components in the hierarchy, select the context type.

    If you are viewing the calendar for a technical scenario, you can change the context type to view the work modes scheduled for technical systems and technical instances. Similarly, if you are viewing the calendar for a technical system, you can also view the events scheduled for technical instances.

    Note Note

    When you launch IT Calendar for a technical system, the calendar displays both technical name and short description of the technical system. However, the calendar displays the short description only if it is maintained in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB). In case, if the short description is not maintained, the calendar, by default, displays only the technical name. If you want the calendar to display only the short description, then append the parameter show_description=X to the IT Calendar launch URL.

    End of the note.
  11. To view the details of the event, in the calendar, click the event.

  12. If you want to send a report of the events planned for components, export the details to Microsoft Excel.