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Component documentationCustom Development Management Cockpit


Custom Developments

Most SAP customers modify or enhance their SAP standard software in some way. Some customers only add reports that are specific to their business, while others have complete custom developed add-ons (developed internally or by a third party). These changes allow customers to tailor solutions to their individual requirements.

There are usually a large number of custom development objects in customer systems. This can lead to high operation costs for you because it can be difficult to identify any objects that your system does not use anymore. There can often be an unnecessarily high number of these obsolete objects.

What are the issues you face?

It can be challenging for you to keep track of all these changes to the standard configuration, and becomes increasingly difficult over time as the number of development objects increase. Some objects may become obsolete without anybody noticing. The person responsible for custom developments may be unavailable, for example.

If you want to upgrade to a higher SAP release, or to apply a support package, you must check and adapt every custom development object manually. You must then test each object to ensure that it does not cause any problems in the new context. This process represents a considerable amount of effort.


The Custom Development Management Cockpit (CDMC) addresses these issues by providing a set of features that support the handling and organization of ABAP custom development objects in SAP systems. You can also view business context information for custom developments. Upgrades can affect business processes, and it is therefore important to know which custom developments are associated with which business processes.

You use SAP CDMC to:

  • Analyze custom developments in your SAP system, and identify obsolete developments (Clearing Analysis)

  • Identify the potential consequences an upgrade can have on custom developments (Upgrade / Change Impact Analysis)

  • You can analyze objects that are contained in transport requests. (Change and Transport System Analysis)

There are three aspects of CDMC:

Clearing Analysis

Clearing Analysis is the analysis of custom objects and modifications made to SAP standard objects in order to identify the used and unused custom objects and modifications.

You can delete custom objects and modifications not used in the system. This is referred to as the clearing process.

Upgrade / Change Impact Analysis

Upgrade / Change Impact Analysis identifies the impact that a support package or upgrade will have on any custom developments in the system.

Change and Transport System Analysis

You can analyze objects that are contained in transport requests. For these objects, you can determine whether these objects are actively used, and also usage information. You can also compare the status of these objects in the different systems.