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Procedure documentationCreate Engagement Cycle


Create one or more engagement cycles, to handle the Top Issues and Issues of your IT organization, consecutively.

Note Note

When you plan engagement cycles, you must decide:

  • whether you want to focus on one or more areas in an engagement cycle

  • whether you only want to start a new engagement cycle when the current one is completed, or handle several at the same time

To be able to prioritize engagement cycles, you can estimate the potential benefit of standard improvement measures for typical Top Issues. See Estimating the Benefits of Engagement Cycles, for further information.

End of the note.

You can assign a status to the engagement cycles, for comprehensibility. The system does not check the prerequisites automatically.


  • You are in the SAP-Engagement and Service Delivery work center.

  • In the Overview view, you have selected the Engagement and Benefits scenario.


  1. Choose Create Engagement Cycle.

  2. A dialog box appears.

  3. Enter data as required.

    In the Review Session Date, you schedule the date on which you will start the engagement cycle, by evaluating your IT solution.

    In the Report Session Date, you schedule the date on which you will end the engagement cycle, with an evaluation of its success.

    If your organization is a customer with Product Support for Large Enterprises, select the corresponding entry under Engagement Type. The default standard support level is Enterprise Support. Customers with Product Support for Large Enterprises have access to certain additional functions in the automatic analysis of options for improvement.

    Enter a case ID to link the engagement cycle to a case in a service order from SAP. The case ID is replicated over the SAP Global Support Backbone using a service plan.

  4. Confirm with OK.


  • The new engagement cycle is displayed in the list.

  • The 360° check is a service in the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center, in the Services view. You can, for example, check the position of the service in the graphical deadline overview, and edit the service details. For more information, see Services.