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  ID Type


Technical display of the structure of a key (ID) in a component or system.


ID types describe the structure of an ID, and in which customizing objects it is used.

The ID mappings are based on the ID types.


An ID type contains the following information:

  • the structure of the ID

  • field length(s)

  • the customizing object in the system in which the ID is used

  • use of the ID in other customizing objects

  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) Interface Repository (IFR) namespace

    Note Note

    An ID type is not an IFR object. The IFR namespace is only for documentation purposes and for the authorization check. You can set-up the authorization so that a user can only edit ID types from a specified namespace.

    You specify the use of the ID in other customizing objects, so that when you create a type group, a check can be made whether the Customizing Distribution is already set-up for this object. For further information, see the Restrictions in Customizing ID Mapping Framework .

    End of the note.

ID types are lockable logical transport objects, of type SCI1 in the transaction SOBJ.


Different ID types which are equivalent, and can be in various components, are put in the same global ID type .


The customizing ID type R3MaritalStatusID contains information about marital statuses in an SAP ERP system. The ID type was based on the field FAMST in the customizing object V_T502T . The definition of R3MaritalStatusID contains an overview of all customizing objects in which this ID is also used.