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 Component View Tab


You can display a graphic in the Component View tab at scenario and process level, which answers the following questions visually:

  • Which processes comprise the scenario, or which process steps comprise the process?

  • In which logical components do the processes or process steps run?

  • Which non-SAP products can be used?

  • What dependencies are there between the processes or process steps (predecessor-successor relationships)?

  • Which business partners are involved in the scenario or process?

  • Which transactions, documentation, configuration objects or messages are assigned to the scenario, process or process step?

  • At process level: Are interfaces between process steps assigned?


  • Local availability of Internet Explorer (5.5 or higher).

  • ActiveX controls are active in your browser.

  • To change the process graphic, you are in the Component View tab in the Business Blueprint project phase. In the Configuration project phase, the graphic is display only.

  • To display transactions, messages, configuration objects and documentation, activate the appropriate settings under Icons in Component View under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step User-Specific. End of the navigation path

  • To display interface symbols, choose Attributes , and set the corresponding flag


  • Display process graphic

  • Create a process graphic. (See Create Scnario/Process Graphic .)

  • Export the process graphic to Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, or as HTML file

    If there are interfaces between processes, the file contains a table of interface information

  • Navigation in the graphic:

    • Top down: From scenarios to processes by double-click on an element in the text box

    • Bottom up: From processes to scenarios with the One Level Higher arrow

  • Display transactions, messages, configuration objects and documentation (project documentation and general documentation) in the graphic, and go to the document by mouse click.