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Function documentationManaging Technical Scenarios


A technical scenario is a group of technical systems that work together technically. Information about technical scenarios is saved in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB). Different types of technical scenarios need to be configured for different SAP Solution Manager applications.

The simplest case of a technical scenario is a dual-stack that consists of an Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP), an AS Java, and the database system that they share.

Note Note

Only install dual-stacks for selected scenarios where it is mandatory: for example, for SAP Solution Manager 7.0 and 7.1, and for SAP Process Integration 7.11.

Otherwise, split existing dual-stacks into individual technical systems. For more information, see the SCN: SAP NetWeaver discontinues dual-stack implementations as of release 7.4.

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Prerequisites for using technical scenarios in SAP Solution Manager:

  • You have set up the LMDB during SAP Solution Manager Setup (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) under Start of the navigation path System Preparation Next navigation step Prepare Landscape Description End of the navigation path.

  • You have activated the SLD synchronization connection and the full, automatic synchronization is complete.

  • To create or change a technical scenario in the LMDB, you need the SAP_SYSTEM_REPOSITORY_ALL role in SAP Solution Manager.


You can view, edit, and create technical scenarios in SAP Solution Manager: Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), under Start of the navigation path Managed System Configuration Next navigation step Technical Scenarios End of the navigation path.

Automatic Registration and Setup of Dual-Stacks

When SAP Solution Manager detects an AS ABAP that has the same system ID and message server as an existing AS Java, a dual-stack technical scenario is created in the LMDB automatically. The AS Java stack needs to be registered first. You can use a technical scenario to configure the managed system for both stacks at the same time.

If the AS Java stack is registered after the AS ABAP, the dual-stack is only created after the next SLD system registration (within the next 24 hours). Alternatively, you can register the AS ABAP stack again, manually.

Dual-stacks are automatically set up during SAP Solution Manager: Configuration, when you complete technical system information under Managed Systems Configuration. In the editor for technical systems of the LMDB, you can assign the AS Java stack to the AS ABAP stack, manually:

The dual-stack on which SAP Solution Manager is running, is automatically set up in the SAP Solution Manager: Configuration work center, under Start of the navigation path System Preparation Next navigation step Prepare Landscape Description Next navigation step Set Up SAP Solution Manager System End of the navigation path.

If you need to assign or unassign an AS Java stack from the AS ABAP stack manually, start transaction LMDB and open the AS ABAP in edit mode. On the Overview screen, you can assign or unassign the AS Java stack.