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Procedure documentationCreating Guided Procedure-Based Tasks in Standard Mode


You use this procedure to create guided procedure-based tasks in standard mode, in IT Task Planning.


For detailed information on each step, see the Inline Help tray in the Guided Procedure Standard Planning window.

  1. Select one or more guided procedures from the Available guided procedures list.

  2. Choose Select Guided Procedure(s).

  3. Enter the scheduling information as required.

  4. Select Managed Objects in the Assign/Change pushbutton.

  5. In the Select Managed Objects dialog box that appears, enter the required managed objects and choose Add, and OK.

    Note Note

    You can only assign managed objects of one type to a guided procedure or its step. For example, if you have assigned managed objects of type technical system, you cannot assign a managed object of type database or host as the follow-on assignment.

    End of the note.
  6. Choose Processor in the Assign/Change pushbutton.

  7. In the Assign Processor dialog box that appears, enter the business partner ID of the processor or support organization who executes the task.

    You can also change the priority and name of the tasks.