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 Analysis: System Availability


You want to analyze the availability of systems for a solution.


You have scheduled and performed at least one SAP EarlyWatch Alert , if you want to analyze theSAPEarlyWatch Alert availability data.


Call the System Monitoring work center.

In the Reports view, choose the System Availability Reporting view

Start the System Availability Reporting report directly or as a background job

The report selection screen appears.


Choose the parameters.

Analysis of

Reporting period

Reporting content selection

System availability from EarlyWatch

The system availability data fromSAPEarlyWatch Alert is analyzed.

System availability maintained by Administrator

If you want to analyze system availability data such as duration or reason for downtime, independently of the EarlyWatch Alert reports, choose Edit System Availability.

You can add systems and maintain availability data for them.


Perform the analysis.

The analysis is presented inALVgrid format. You can adjust the layout to your requirements.

If you want to save the analysis as a document in the SAP Solution Manager as a *.csv file, choose Export Table as Attachment .

Go back to the initial screen.

You can download the analysis to your local PC as an Excel file.

You can also schedule the report as a background job, SM_REP:RDSWP_REP_SYSTEM, to send it automatically by mail. You have created a variant for your report. Proceed as follows:

Choose the symbol in the initial screen of your report.

Select your variant.

Choose Schedule .

You are in the job definition screen.

Define the processing for the report.

Schedule the report.

The system runs the report automatically.