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Function documentationSimplified Methods for Registering Your Own Dashboard Apps


In the Dashboard Framework, SAP delivers a lot of dashboards and apps, to show you the status and performance of your managed systems and applications. You can extend this dashboard framework with your own apps; for a general description of how to do so, see Enhancing the Dashboard Framework with User Apps. When doing so, you usually proceed as follows:

  • You use Xcelsius to create two UIs - the actual app (or standard app), in which the desired values are displayed in a dashboard, and a configuration app, in which the user can set texts, threshold values, filters, or similar values.

  • The displayed data is taken from the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse of your SAP Solution Manager. To use this data in an app, create a BW query. This provides the required data to the Xcelsius UI through the relevant connections.

This method allows you to achieve the maximum performance and flexibility in your dashboard apps, but requires substantial effort for the creation of the UIs, data retrieval, and registration. Depending on the purpose of your app, it may be possible to achieve your aim with less effort.

This section explains ways in which you can reduce the effort required when creation your own apps.

  • Create an app without a configuration UI

    If you create an app for only one purpose, you might not need a configuration app. This could be the case, for example, if the app is always to display the same data for the previous month at any time. This significantly reduces the effort required to create the UIs.

  • Do not retrieve data using the Solution Manager

    You can also decide not to retrieve data using BW and SAP Solution Manager, and manually enter the data to be displayed directly into the Excel table in Xcelsius. You can update this data regularly, and then simply register the newly-created Flash file from the Xcelsius UI (see Changing the Layout of an App). If you register the app in this way again, the current values are displayed in all dashboards that contain this app.

    This uncomplicated method of data retrieval can be particularly useful, if the data that you want to display does not exist in the BW of your SAP Solution Manager, or the data only changes rarely.

    Note Note

    Another option is to use the other Xcelsius options for data retrieval (for example, from an Enterprise Server), if you know how to do so. However, no support is available from SAP for doing so. If you choose to use this option, you can also use any data from outside SAP Solution Manager in your dashboards.

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