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  Activating and Deactivating Solutions


You can deactivate a solution, for example, when it is not being used.

The system removes inactive solutions from the overview of active solutions, and shows them in a separate selection. You can also choose whether you want to display active, inactive, or all solutions in the overview.

You can reactivate inactive solutions at any time.


Deactivating Solutions
  1. Call the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center with the Solutions view .

  2. Flag the solution.

  3. Choose the Deactivate pushbutton.

    Note Note

    When you deactivate a solution, its data is retained. You cannot change or display services for this solution. Background jobs ignore inactive solutions. Deactivation thus reduces the use of system resources by solutions.

    End of the note.

    Your solution appears in the overview of inactive solutions.

Activating Solutions
  1. Choose a solution in the overview of inactive solutions.

  2. Choose the Activate pushbutton.

    Your solution appears in the overview of active solutions.