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  Creating Roadmaps


You adjust Roadmaps delivered by SAP to the requirements of your project, or create new Roadmaps of your own with your own documents.


You have the roles required to create a roadmap. Start of the navigation path For more information, see the Security Guide for SAP Solution Manager on SAP Service Marketplace at: Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager <Current Release>. End of the navigation path


TransactionRoadmap Repository
  • Create, change, delete Roadmaps

  • Create and assign attributes to the Roadmap, for subsequent filtering:

    • Flavors

    • Roles

    • Subjects

  • Copy existing Roadmap

TransactionRoadmap Authoring Environment
  • Create a Roadmap structure

  • Assign attributes (flavors, roles, subject areas) to Roadmap structure elements.

  • Create documents

  • Assign accelerators (documents, transactions, URL links) to structure elements

  • Create an initial view for the Roadmap, which shows its most important aspects


  1. Create a Roadmap or copy an existing one (see Creating Roadmaps ).

  2. You create attributes (variants/roles/topics; see Attributes (Variants/Roles/Subject Areas) ).

  3. You create a roadmap structure (see Creating Roadmap Structures ).

  4. You create an initial view for your Roadmap (see Create an Initial View for Your Roadmap ).

  5. You transport your Roadmap to other systems as required (see Transport Your Roadmap ).