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Procedure documentationLoading the Execution Log from the EEMon Robot to the EEMon Editor


You load a client-side execution log into the editor when problems occur in the execution of an EEMon script in an EEMon robot. You check, for example, whether variables for dynamic contents have been set up correctly. You can compare the execution log to the execution log of a successful execution of the EEMon script.


  1. In the EEMon monitor, you select an execution of the EEMon script.

  2. In the context menu, choose Copy Transaction ID to Clipboard.

  3. In the EEMon script editor, choose the Execution History tab.

  4. In the context menu, choose Import Execution Logs from Robot. The execution logs of the EEMon robot are displayed in the display list. You can now analyze the error messages.