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Procedure documentationDecoupling a Transport Request


You can separate a changeable transport request from its project and change it. This transport request is then no longer controlled by QGM.

Note Note

If you have not activated the central Change and Transport System (central CTS) for your project, you can only decouple transport requests that are modifiable. If you have activated central CTS, this prerequisite does not apply.

End of the note.

Example Example

You have performed software changes, which are no longer desired. The recommended way to handle them is to restore the original state of the changes. However, due to project or time restrictions, you might not be able to reset the changes. To separate these developments from your QGM project and finalize the other parts of your project, you can decouple the changes from your project.

End of the example.

Caution Caution

The software changes you have performed are then no longer controlled by QGM, but they are still in the system, so they may affect later developments, which use the same objects. We therefore recommend restoring the changes, not decoupling them.

End of the caution.


  1. Select your QGM project and choose the Transports tab.

  2. Select the transport requests to decouple.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Maintain Next navigation step Decouple Transport Requests End of the navigation path, to display the dialog box for decoupling transport requests.

  4. In the dialog box, select a transport request in the lower section and choose Decouple.


The transport requests are decoupled from your QGM project.

If you would like to manage a decoupled transport request again, you can assign the request to a QGM project again.