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Procedure documentationCreating and Editing a Maintenance Cycle


When a maintenance cycle comes to an end, it is possible to start a new maintenance cycle, so that one maintenance project can continue to be used at a later point in time.

Note Note

Maintenance cycles are only available for projects of the type Maintenance Project.

End of the note.


To work with maintenance cycles, proceed as follows:

Creating a Maintenance Cycle
  1. Access the project overview screen and select a maintenance project.

  2. Put the cursor on the line of a project and choose Start of the navigation path Set up Next navigation step Maintenance Cycle End of the navigation path.

  3. The maintenance cycle dialog box displays. Here you can create new maintenance cycles and change or delete existing maintenance cycles.

  4. To create a maintenance cycle, choose the Create Maintenance Cycle pushbutton.

  5. A new line displays, in which you can overwrite the name of the system-generated maintenance cycle.

  6. Enter a name for the maintenance cycle, and then enter dates for all the Q-Gates and milestones. The dates of the Q-Gates should be in the correct sequence.

    Note Note

    For the new cycle, the first milestone name is Deploy to Scope, but not Start of Project. Note that the date of the Deploy to Scope milestone is derived from the previous date of End of Project.

    End of the note.
  7. If necessary, choose Add Milestone to add milestone dates.

  8. You can also upload templates or files for a milestone that is defined as a Q-Gate.

  9. When finished, choose Save. The new maintenance cycle has been created.

Deleting a Maintenance Cycle
  1. To delete a maintenance cycle, launch the maintenance cycle dialog box by choosing Start of the navigation path Set up Next navigation step Maintenance Cycle End of the navigation path.

  2. Place the cursor on the line of the maintenance cycle that you want to delete.

  3. In the dialog box that displays, choose the Delete Maintenance Cycle pushbutton.

  4. Confirm that you want to delete the maintenance cycle.

  5. The maintenance cycle has been deleted and is no longer displayed in the list.