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Procedure documentationCreate Configuration Structure


You create a configuration structure, in which you want to put elements from the Business Process Repository, projects, or the project/solution-specific business function scope.

For all business functions which you put in the configuration structure, the test cases delivered are available in the Test plan Management.


  1. Call the transaction Configuration and go to your project.

  2. Select the node Configuration in the business process structure.

  3. In the Structure tab, choose Change Configuration Structure.

  4. Create a configuration structure. In the column Configuration Element, choose configuration elements from the input help.

    There are the following sources:

    • You can copy an existing configuration structure from the Business Process Repository. You can filter the configuration structure by:

      • To filter the configuration structures in the configuration structure selection value help, by the industries selected in the Project Administration, choose Start of the navigation path Scope tab Next navigation step Industry Selection subtab End of the navigation path.

      • To filter the configuration structures by scenarios which you selected in the Business Blueprint, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Recalculate Scope End of the navigation path.

    • You can copy existing configuration elements from Projects.

    • You can create a configuration structure with the business functions in the project/solution-specific Business Function Scope.

      1. Give the configuration element a name.

      2. Choose a logical component, and choose Display Business Function.

        The results list shows all business functions which you have assigned to the logical component in the Business Function Scope screen.

      3. Select the business functions for the configuration structure.

      4. Choose Generate.

        The generated configuration structure contains further levels:

        Level 3: Scope of business functions for a logical component

        Level 4: Business function with test cases

        Level 5: (optional) Test catalogs

    • You can create your own configuration structure, without using a source, with any number of levels, and give configuration elements your names.

  5. If required, assign logical components to the configuration structures, in the following dialog box.

  6. You can change the configuration structures and elements.

    You can, for example, adjust the names of structure elements cunstomer-specifically, or move structure elements at the same level.

  7. Save your entries.


You have created a configuration structure, to which you can assign further objects, in the Configuration tab.

The configuration structure is reused in the Test Plan Management.