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  Administration Tab


You enter current project data for each structure element in the project structure, in the Administration tab.

You can record the following project data:

  • Status

  • Plan data

    • Start

    • End

    • Working Days (in man days - MD)

  • Actual data

    • Start

    • End

    • Working Days (in man days - MD)

    • Remaining resources (work required)

  • Assigned Project Members

  • Name/Description

Data entered only applies for the current project phase.

Example Example

A structure element in the Business Blueprint phase has the status Completed , after all activities in this phase for this structure element have been completed. The status of this structure element returns to Open in the realization phase.

End of the example.


You can analyze the administrative data for your project for each project phase (see Project Analyses ).


You have checked the status in the project preparation when defining the project standards. You have entered all project team members during project preparation. The values you have specified are displayed as default values in the Administration tab.

Note Note

The functions available on the Administration tab depend on the authorizations in the project role assigned to a project member.

End of the note.



You can enter the status value manually, or select a value from the proposal list.


You can enter the planned and actual dates manually or select the date from the calendar. An error message appears if you enter dates outside the project period. For further information, see General Data .

Work resources

You must enter the planned, actual and remaining work required manually.

Project Team Members

You can assign the project team members, whom you have put in the project team member list in the Project Team Member tab in the Project Administration , to the tasks, in the Business Blueprint and Realization phases.


You can assign the keywords which you have defined in the Project Standards tab in the Project Administration , to the structure elements. For more information, see Status, Keywords and Documentation Types .

Mass changes

Changes to project data are not automatically bequeathed to lower-level structure elements, by default. You can bequeath changes and deletions of project team members and keywords to all lower-level structure elements with the Mass Changes pushbutton (see Executing Mass Changes ).

Passing data on to subitems

This function passes the status and plan data to all subordinate structure elements.


This function records changes to data on the Administration tab. The change record is logged only after you have saved your changes.