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To assign transactions to the individual product structure elements, you specify the transaction type and ID.


The following transaction types are allowed:

  • BMTA: Transaction

  • BMRE: Program

  • BSP_APPLICATION: BSP application

  • CRM_BSP_FRAME: CRM People Centric UI

  • CRM_WEBCLIENT: CRM Webclient

  • STANDARD_SAP_URL: Predefined URL from directory

  • URL: Web address or file

  • WDY_APPLICATION: Web Dynpro application

  • WDY_JAVA_SOLMAN: Web Dynpro Java

The template file contains an example for each of the supported types. This example shows which additional columns have to be filled.


  • Some transaction types require a logical component. The allowed logical components must be assigned to the project on the System Landscape tab page in Project Administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN).

  • The ID is the unique identifier for the individual transaction, for example, SE80 for the transaction type Transaction (BMTA).