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Procedure documentationWorking with Quality Gates


You can edit data for a Q-Gate in various tabs in the lower section. There is a list display in the Quality Gates tab and a graphical display in the Calendar view.

Note Note

You can only change the data of an active Q-Gate.

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Some fields of a Q-Gate are ready for input. You can upload, download or delete documents in the system, or enter issues for a Q-Gate.


You must have defined the Q-Gates that you want to manage with quality gate management. For more information, see Setting Up Quality Gates and Assigning Project Phases.


Only specified users in a company are authorized to assign the status Passed to a Q-Gate. They are:

  • The quality manager of the project

  • The quality advisory board (QAB) member responsible. The quality advisory board is a group of project team members who are responsible for the quality of the customer system landscape. The members of the quality advisory board can be, for example, the quality managers of a business area, with their manager or IT director.

To work with Q-Gates, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the Quality Gates tab in the lower section.

  2. Put the cursor on a Q-Gate and choose Quality Gate Details.

  3. You access a dialog box with the project and status data in the header. Note the following:

    • The fields that are ready for input depend on the individual Q-Gate status.

    • The user or users specified here are the quality manager and a member of the quality advisory board. Both must define the Q-Gate as passed before the project can proceed to the next phase.

    Note Note

    The following statuses can be set by the quality manager and the quality advisory board person for each Q-Gate:

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    No status has been set yet.

    Partially passed

    Some minor points are still open in this phase, but they should not delay the project.


    The project can proceed to the next phase.

    Not passed

    The project cannot proceed to the next phase and the ensuing problems must be resolved first.

    Depending on the two values that were set by the quality manager and the quality advisory board representative, the system sets the overall status for the gate. The following matrix shows the various combinations of status values that the persons responsible can set, and the result output by the system.

  4. Now change the value for your role (either QM or QAB).

  5. Save your settings by choosing OK.

  6. The remaining quality user must repeat this procedure to let the system set the overall status of all Q-Gates to Passed.

    Note Note

    If you are the second approver, you have to confirm that the Q-Gate should be set to Passed.

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    Note Note

    If you want to see the individual changes, choose the Q-Gate Status Change Log pushbutton.

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Managing Documents and Issues for a Q-Gate

You can enter and manage documents and issues at the bottom of the dialog box for the Q-Gate status. You can call up the following:

  • A list of the documents for the Q-Gates in this project. You can upload, download, or delete documents.

  • A list of issues, that is, unexpected activities or events that impair the business and project goals, and which may delay project progress. You can create new issues, delete existing ones, or assign issues from the Issues tab. For more information, see Working with Issues (QGM) and Issues (general information).


You have processed the approval information, documents, and issues for Q-Gates.