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Function documentationFollow-Up Transactions


Follow-up transactions are new transactions, created from a message or a change transaction. You can create various follow-up transactions, depending on the source transaction. Data is copied from the original transaction to the new transaction, and the two transactions are linked. The link provides information about the history of a business transaction. The history is in the Transaction History assignment block in each transaction.


  • You have configured the Customizing settings for copy control. See Copy Transactions.

  • The source transaction is error-free.


  • Create follow-up transactions according to Customizing settings. You specify which follow-up transactions are possible for each transaction type, in Customizing.

    You can create follow-up transactions from the search, or directly from an open transaction.

  • Display previous transactions in Transaction History assignment block


  1. Choose Create Follow-Up Document.

  2. The system displays the possible follow-up transaction types.

  3. Choose a transaction type.

  4. Add information in the transaction, and save your data.

  5. The system shows the link between the source and target transactions, in the transaction history.