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Procedure documentationRecord Cross-System TBOM


You must satisfy the following prerequisites, to be able to create cross-system TBOMs:

  • All managed systems have at least kernel status 700.

  • All managed systems have at least ST-PI 2008_01 SP03.

  • All managed systems have the same system role as the main system of the executable entity.

  • The logical components of the managed systems are in the project/solution system landscape.

  • Access to other systems is via RFC or from the SAP Web Application Server ABAP via http.


  • Follow the instructions for recording a TBOM. For more information, see Create TBOM.

  • Before recording the TBOM the Solution Manager logs on to all systems in the project/solution system landscape with the same system role as the main component of the executable entity.


A separate TBOM enhancement has been created for each system. All systems are in the TBOM tab in the TBOM Environment group box.