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Function documentationMove Documents into Other Data Repositories


A project can generate a lot of data because the Solution Manager saves every version of a document by default.

You can relieve the database by moving the contents of documents which you have created in a project, into another data repository. You can also delete old versions of documents which you no longer need.


Choose from the following programs:


    Moves the contents of documents or older versions of documents, into another data repository, e.g. into an archive. The document header data and attributes are retained in the Solution Manager.


    Deletes older versions of documents in all data repositories.

    Caution Caution

    If you are authorized, this program also deletes the contents of documents which you have moved into another data repository or archive, with the program SOLMAN_DOCU_VERSION_ARCHIVE.

    End of the caution.


You run the programs with the ABAP Editor (transaction SE38).