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Object documentationData Volume Management Achievements App


The app gives an overview of what you have already achieved by implementing data reduction measures. It displays the system data and the archiving history. You can extrapolate what the system size would have been without the data deletion and archiving measures that you have already taken.

The size of the selected systems for the selected time period until the end of the last month is displayed, comprising the following information displayed:

  • Size without archiving, that is, the total of archived and deleted data plus the size of the online databases

  • Growth of the online databases

  • Growth of the archiving systems, that is, growth of the archived and deleted data

To display the data, do the following:

  • To display the total amount of the archived data, select Cumulated.

  • To display the amount of archived data per month, deselect Cumulated.

  • Archived Total shows the amount of archived data for the entire available time.

  • Archived Last Month shows the amount of archived data for the last month.

  • To display more detailed information, choose Statistics. For more information, see Archiving Statistics App.

The app is displayed in the Technical Operations Dashboard.


To configure the app, call the technical operations dashboard, and select the app. Go to configuration mode (see Configuring Dashboards). Navigate to the configuration screen of the app, either by adding a new app to the dashboard, or by choosing Edit for an app.

  1. Enter the systems that you want to monitor with the app.

  2. Enter the time period you want to display.

  3. Choose Confirm Selection and choose Apply.