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Procedure documentationProcessing Critical Objects


A transport request containing critical objects cannot be exported if the critical object function has been enabled in the system. If you try to export a transport request containing critical objects, the system displays the following information: Transport request has unapproved critical object, cannot be released.

In addition, the system displays a symbol to show the status of the critical objects. To export the request containing critical objects, you can either:

  • remove the critical objects from this transport request,

  • or explicitly approve the transport of the critical objects for export.

This procedure describes how to approve the transport of critical objects for export.


The current operator is the Change Manager who approved the creation of the preceding change transaction.


To approve critical objects for export, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the QGM project and choose the Transports tab.

  2. Select the transport requests to process critical objects.

  3. Choose Process Critical Object

    The critical objects are displayed in the dialog box.

  4. Choose one or more critical objects and choose Approve.

    Note Note

    You can choose Reject to revert the approved objects to be unapproved.

    End of the note.

Result: The status of the critical objects that are displayed in the dialog box has changed to Approved or Unapproved. The system displays the corresponding information. In addition, this information is also saved to the application log.