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Procedure documentationChanging the Connection Type of Agents


You can change the connection type of agents in the following cases:

  • When agents do not connect correctly to the Solution Manager system

    Example Example

    Since SAP Solution Manager typically is a cluster of J2EE instances, the agent connection is required to be of Message Server type. You switch to a Message Server type connection if, for example, the P4 Dispatcher connection type is selected.

    End of the example.
  • To switch from insecure to secure communication

    Example Example

    The security regulations of your company require Human Resources systems to be connected via secure connections. You switch to an SSL connection type.

    End of the example.

The default connection type is Message Server.


You have started the Agent Administration. For more information, see Starting the Agent Administration.


  1. On the Agent Connectivity tab page, select the Connection Type check box.

    To select the complete column, select the column header.

  2. Choose the Apply link.


The agent restarts and reconnects to the SAP Solution Manager system.